Fr Rajiv Michael

I am a priest of the Diocese of Westminster, UK. As the lockdown started, I decided to put my Sunday homilies online as a small way of ministering to those locked out of Church – and maybe others who might be interested. I have been taught by many wonderful teachers and inspired by a lot more preachers – (Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed, Pentecostal). I have added links to few of the many sources I’ve drawn inspiration from, and where you can find some great (mostly Catholic) teaching and preaching. This is a personal blog. It is not an official channel of the Diocese and does not contain any kind of official communication (unless explicitly mentioned as such). The title of the site is taken from Luke 12:49. You can get in touch with me here – rajiv.castingfire< at >priest.com.

The homilies are available as a podcast, here: https://anchor.fm/leo622 (or search for “Casting Fire” on Apple Podcasts/Spotify. They are auto-converted, so somewhat rough around the edges, but still easy enough to listen, if that’s preferable.

Fr Philip Thomas Edwards

We welcome occassional contributions from Fr Philip Thomas Edwards. He is a priest of the Community of St Jean, presently based at St Anthony’s parish in East London. You can read his first post here.